DESTINATION: Zanzibar Island


Kilimanjaro International Airport / Arusha Airport


8 Days 7 Nights


Wildlife Safaris & Beach Holiday

Tour Overview

Zanzibar package Get in touch with this company for an 8-day Zanzibar beach family holiday tour packages with African Chitah. The package includes the Stone Town city tour, Jozan Forest Tour, Sunset Dhow Cruise,Safari Blue, Spice tour, and Prison Island. This is a private tour just for your group in a vehicle with a driver/guide. We can help arrange flights and speedboats in and out of Zanzibar.



On arrival you will be picked by African Chitah driver from airport to the hotel in Zanzibar.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 1: The Arrival – Zanzibar

On arrival to Zanzibar airport you will find a driver with an airport signboard with the company logo and the name of the visitor group below it. The driver will welcome the clients to Zanzibar and escort them to a town tour vehicle ready to be transferred to the arranged hotel in Zanzibar. Known as the spice island, the beautiful island of Zanzibar in Africa’s east coast is bursting with culture and history, seemingly at odds with its pleasant geography of white sand beaches with palms swaying lazily in the sea breeze. The spice island Zanzibar with its interesting history influenced by early Arabs trades offers beautiful beaches at the Indian Ocean and beach hotels of all standards.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 2: Stone Town Tour

Our tour guide will take you to the most famous and wondrous sights of this old trade city. It starts with a visit to the main market of Stone Town, the vibrant place are filled with locals bartering for the catch of the day and selecting the freshest fruit and vegetables. You will find a while variety of exotic fruits and a large selection of herbs and spices. You will then move to the Anglican Church built in 1874 on the site of the old Slave Market. Slavery was abolished in 1873 by then current Sultan of Zanzibar. You will have opportunity to visit inside the church where alter was built on the site of the old slave whipping post.

You will also be given a tour of the old slave chambers. The tour will continue on to the Old Fort, the peoples Palace and the House of Wonders. Stunning views of the Forodhani Market and the harbour can be had from the higher floors of the House of Wonders. Our guide will lead you through the narrow and winding streets of Stone Town where there will be time for shopping and exploring. Our final stop of the day is Maruhubi Palace Ruins, famous because it was built to house the third Sultan of Zanzibar’s hamer of 99 wives.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 3: Prison Island Tours

After breakfast and morning enjoyments, this will be the day to enjoy the Prison Island Tour, in the morning when you are ready the guide will take you to Prison Island. Prison Island also known as Changuu Island is situated only 20 minutes by boat from Stone Town. The Island was originally used as a Prison then later it was turned into quarantine station for the British Army. Although a newer prison was later built on the island it was never used. The Island has sandy beaches and is covered in lush vegetation making it prefect habitat for island and sea birds. The surrounding sea offers some lovely snorkelling opportunities with beautiful coral formations. The island is perfect for nature lovers. The islands most famous inhabitants are the giant tortoises.

These endangered animals are not native to Africa but to the Seychelles and Galapagos Islands. Originally the Prison Island tortoises were brought from Aldabra in the Seychelles to help increase the conservation efforts by starting a new breeding population. Tortoise populations started to decline many years age when sailors used to collect them to carry on the ships as a fresh protein source as the tortoises could survive many weeks or months without food. These days the tortoise decline is due to habitat destruction and poaching. Tortoises fetch a high price on the black market to private collectors.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 4: Jozan Forest

After breakfast, you will have an opportunity to visit the only famous forest tour in Zanzibar Jozan Forest. Jozani Forest Chwaka Bay Conservation Area is the largest conserved area of forest in Zanzibar and is made up of coastal forest and the last remaining natural mangrove forest found in Zanzibar. The tour consists of 3 main parts. First you will visit the visitors centre and then embark on a guided forest walk through the coastal forest. This area support over 100 spices of trees and a variety of wildlife such as Blue Monkey, Bush Babies and Elephant Shrews. Your guide will introduce you to different tree and plant species and tell you about their nature and uses. After exploring the forest you will start your search for the famous and charismatic Red Colobus Monkeys.

These are highly endangered and endemic in Zanzibar. Due to population growth, farming, charcoal and fire wood collection and cutting of trees for building materials; the numbers of these monkeys has been reduced to around 1500 individuals. After spending some time watching and photographing the Red Colobus Monkeys you will take time to explore the beautiful mangrove forests. Walking through the mangroves on the network of board walks, keep your eyes open for mangrove crabs, monitor lizards and a huge diversity of bird life. If you would like you can also make a short turn at the nearby butterfly farm set up to breed, reintroduce and also export rare butterflies from Zanzibar. It is well worth a visit to see the butterfly cocoons and the variety of colors, shapes and sizes of these beautiful insects.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 5: Spice Tour

Our spice tour guide will give you a chance to visit one or more spice farms growing a variety of key spices. Farms growing a variety of key spices to Zanzibar such as Cloves, Chilli, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Pepper, and Vanilla. You will learn about the uses of the different spices, their history on the island, how they grow and best of all able to taste them. If you wish you will also be able to buy them direct from farms. While you will be taken right into the heart of the Island to the growing area, there is more to discover other than spices.

During the tour you will also encounter a selection of tropical fruits and depending on the season try some of these such as the wonderful coconut with its refreshing milk and sweet flesh or the exotic rambutan. The spice tour guides will also teach you about the many other uses both cosmetic and medicinal for spices and herbs seen at the farms like the shampoo plant or the iodine. Later you will be transferred back to the hotel for evening enjoyments, dinner and overnight

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 6: Safari Blue Trip

In the morning after breakfast, you will start a trip called safari blue. Safari blue is the Zanzibar number one full day trip, this is the sea adventure that starts from Fumba fishing village, south west coast of the island. The major attractions are swimming, snorkelling, see foods and sailing with traditional dhow. It is a board traditional dhow, enjoy the magic of the sand-banks and rugged island, full day sailing around man-groves and snorkelling along the best coral reefs of Zanzibar. Safari blue explores the Menai Bay Conservation Area Seafood. BBQ is served on the sandbank.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 7: Relaxing at the Beach

Today you will stay at the hotel where you will have great opportunities to enjoy the one of the best beaches in the world the beach of Zanzibar. You will have time to familiarize   yourselves with the hotel beaches and do other activities around the beach. Lunch and dinner will be provided at the hotel.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

Day 8: Sunset Dhow Cruise

On this day the tour will start in the midevening, after lunch you will start a sunset dhow cruise tour. Escape the bustle of the city in traditional wooden dhow and sail through the clear Indian Ocean on this magical sunset cruise from Nungwi beach. Just relax, enjoy the warm breeze hold your babe with a glass of wine and take the beauty of Zanzibar shoreline.

Dinner and Overnight at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort https://www.royalzanzibar.com

End of tour 

You’ll be dropped off at the airport.

Tour Price

Number of Persons 1 2 3 4 5 6
Price Per Person ( USD) 2500 1500 1500 1300 1300 1300

Safari Includes

  • ​Meals at Full board
  • Drinks
  • Accommodations
  • Transport to all places mentioned on the itinerary and back to airport
  • A professional English-speaking driver/guide​

Safari Excludes

  • International Flights ( From / To Home )
  • Beverages and alcoholic drinks
  • Items of personal nature
  • Telephone bills
  • Medical insurance
  • Tips
  • Visa Fees

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